Che Guevara

“Just trying out digital art..”
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Laughing out loud yes, it becomes quite difficult with the mouse. sometimes my mouse is crazy and starts to tremble Stare I still think you can achieve good things

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This is really good, especially using a mouse. I couldn't draw a straight line with a mouse. I use a pen/tablet to draw. Good job!

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Thank You very much

This really makes me a little more comfortable to learn most people draw using a pen/tablet to draw.. ? know what.. mine is an old ball mouse..and the mouse is not even ergonomic like the logitech mouses around.... i get fed up redoing the lines most of the time.. and worst of all.. i cant hold a coffe mug alright now.. i know it would be okay in a while.. Smile

And kutedymples I have noticed you have commented on different pictures(thanks for encouraging me and others who badly need it).. and you could actually learn a lot of techniques that way.. i mean when you replay a drawing.. you can see how they start off.. and how they apply the finishing touches..

And on queeky its very easy to experiment with colours.. you don't have to waste an expensive tube of paint and stillnot get the colour right..

Thank you once again Smile

Take care

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yes, much people on Queeky use a tablet.

but there are some great mouse-artists too.

drawing by mouse needs more practice then tablet drawing, but if you will get comfortable with mouse drawing, you can do great things with it.

you can use the photoguide feature on QueekyPaint for practice: in QueekyPaint hit the "U" on you keyboard and upload a jpg form your computer.

you can use the photo as a help when sketching with the mouse ....

greetings, PH

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Thank you very much sir.

First of all, thank you very much for the reply...

I have great difficulty drawing with a mouse.. and i never knew the option to import pictures and then draw over it.. its wonderful.. infact.. i had just two minutes ago asked that question to someone else and hasn't got a reply yet.. Thank you again.....

I will try that right now..

I would like to see some of your works...

Thank you very much..

Any further tips? I'll be very happy Smile you take care..

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Che Guevara - just an attempt.. never final.. but couldn't wait

It is very difficult to draw with a mouse.. it not designed to be a drawing tool.. infact i feel its just opposite of what a drawing tool should be ... it has got no precise point of hold.. gravity keeps pulling it from all sides and its very difficult to master it..

I wonder what the others on Queeky do? do they use a tablet pen or some kind of light pen.. i have no idea.. but if they all are doing it with a mouse.. then there is no excuse for me..

I'll have to better myself..

sorry i can't describe type more.. (i wish i could) my arms are aching..

Thank you for viewing.. and please don't forget to vote.