by KO

KO Chibi

“Lol not even close to my normal standard of chibis ;P its really wonky, I know you guys really wouldnt know that, cause this is like on of my first chibi drawings on here... but its kinda crap XD I'll do another one in a little while. (No reference, NO tracing.)”
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kutedymples's picture

Adorable, and very beautifully colored. Without a reference even makes it better. Really just too darned cute! Love Love Love

ChisaiDoll's picture
So cute.

I love the playbacks on your drawings. Adorable chibi~


KO's picture

Thank you so much, I was starting to think nobody ever watched them Tongue

I love drawing chibis, so There'll be lots more Wink And hopefully better lol.


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Haha i agree with donnie, its

Haha i agree with donnie, its really adorable O.O &And yes.. Most chibis do not have such big chests, they are mostly cubby.

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lol, chubby people have bigger chests, my chibis are just chubby kid like ...now that I think of it, its kind of really creepy.

lol, Laughing out loud thank you


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This chibi is adorable! Despite the massive boobage Tongue Five stars for the amazing hair and wonderful colors Five stars Big smile

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You, Donnie, It is not Massive boob anything >:U lol, But really, thank you for the compliments Wink