Chocolate strawberries

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Wow, it's a mouth watering

Wow, it's a mouth watering sweet dessert,, I am also doing this type but different kind of fruit,, tried in apple and banana.

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Love the glossy look.

Yummy! Is there any strawberry still available for me? hehehe

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very realistic Five stars

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O.O Looks cool

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Five stars This is really awesome..Great gallery Laughing out loud


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I guess i am left with the

I guess i am left with the top. ;] gorgeous masterpiece, dear fellow. I am drooling for just one bite.

The wonder of art still haunts me, like a ghost I don't want to give up.

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Big Juicy

one in the middle is mine Smile Nice work.

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Yummy Treat...

Love The first time I had ever had strawberries and chocolate was about a month ago. My daughter made them for Mothers Day. They are so delicious. I never thought I would like the taste of chocolate with a tart fruit such as strawberries. This picture is very tasty looking and extremely well done. My mouth is watering looking at this. I shall take the bottom strawberry with the pile of chocolate under. Thanks for sharing this treat with us yos! To my favorites it goes.