christmas variation

“z22 did the original called white on white, we still have a lot of white and even in the form of snow but had to make a christmas scene out of his beautiful picture”
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2 Variations

2 Variations


hakan's picture
:)) very nice variation!

very good idea! Smile)

ploiesteana's picture

Joyful variation! Red, green, white - a Fiesta! Good idea!

spring's picture
christmas variation

You have done a wonderful variation of Z22s picture, love the red bow in her hair and the detailed bows and bells on the horse! Nice one Kute! 10

kurayami's picture

wow the red looks so wonderfull on the girl *-* you make a great job with the draw, the white on white is perfect xD.

sketchpad's picture

Beautiful drawing! Horse and lady look quite regal looking! 10