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citizen dog

“a man who climbing the plastic bottle mountain”
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โอ้ย สุดยอด!

งานถึกมากตึกรามบ้านช่อง สวยงามมากค่ะ. สีสันสวยงามมาก

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and a lot of work in this well executed drawing

Have a wonderful day!

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I enjoyed watching the playback of this. Faved for sure! Five stars Laughing out loud

Ooo, words go here too?

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i love this one -u geting better and better my frend.... Smile Five stars

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I just love the way you have done those buildings...and what a great concept! you have my vote a big 5! for you my friend.... keep up the good work!

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Great picture

Wow!!! Shock This is really cool!!!!

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Impressive picture, bravo!

Impressive picture, bravo!

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Very good


Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Interesting and awesome

interesting subject and awesome draw. I haven't even heard of the movie now you are making me curious, am going to have to check it out. Nice work!

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Interesting ...

I love the cityscape and the way his feet sink into the bottle pile.

The sculpture of the bottle mountain is very skilled ... I am intrigued though - did you set out for it to be a plastic bottle mountain? I ask because when I watch the replay very few of the shapes look anything like a bottle ... I am sure if I had set out to do a pile of bottles I would have fallen into the trap of making more of them bottle shaped!

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