“me! ^^ i cant add more things my cursor goes very slow T.T”
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Wow darkcla!! It`s really amazing and I think, too, that this is the (one of your) best you drew!! Unbelievable realistic expression - and how you made it without a photo-guide? RESPECT and GRATULATIONS for a sooo beautiful and unique picture! Naturally it goes to my faves and I am still stunning!!

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Maybe the file is a bit too big

Hey!! This one is the best one I ever see in you gallery. The shading on the face look even better than last time. But don't forget to make a better shadind on her hair and T-shirt. Keep going! About the speed I'd face the same problem when i first start drawing here. But it work better after i save it and start again. You may try if it works for you.

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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slow cursor


if your cursor goes slow, it may be yu work in vector mode?

try draw in pixel-mode, this will be more performant ...

btw: the shading of the face is amazing !!!!

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cutee pic of you!

you have a tablet right? well usually when the crusor goes slow it mean the battery tis low.... hehehehhe ( u probably knew tat already. )

well good job!