Code - Mona Lisa

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Leonardo - a true genius

As are you Five stars

Have a wonderful day!

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You know whatmakes this great?!

It is so simple with hardly any effort, and yet you can still see a detailed picture of what it is.

This is a great idea and strangely, so brilliant. Keep up the good work, and i'd love to see more of this.

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I agree with ploiesteana 10

I agree with ploiesteana 10 ... The impression is very strong.

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I like the idea,it's very original...try to make the lower part a bit more will fix the composition:D


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a lot)

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your drawings are amazing

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why havent i thought of that great job

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ploiesteana 10

A great idea! The impression is very strong.

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Play and animate

thanks summer! here you can see the transition flom biggest to smaller rectangles. The color are get with the picker from the original work of da Vinci. Its the variation of the shapes and his volumes:)))

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really amazing,great idea,10,