Coffeeshop At Night

“In the style of Van Gogh's "Cafe Terrace At Night"”
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different , nice!

different , nice!

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This is beautiful!

I absoloutly love the atmosphere and the feel in the air Smile

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Reminds me of good times... kopitiam... Innocent I think I have the right spelling?

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Thanks Oceans!

This is a 'kopitiam' alright...Thanks, A! Smile

Do everything with LOVE...

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really captures the atmosphere Smile Very nice simple effect ("nice" vocabulary fails me :/ )

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Thanks glimmer!

Thank you for your comment!(...your vocab's fine! Smile )

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Cool style. I like the fresh colors combination. Love to see people lifestyle. I can feel the hint of coffee and fried dough, called Pathongko in my local (Or else, Roti with hot cocoa would be great.) :b You draw food topic again. Great great. Big smile

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Thanks ha55ha!

Over here, we don't say, "How are you?" We say,"Have you eaten?"...we love food over here! Smile Party Love

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Nice dimension and colours!

Nice dimension and colours! great job!

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Thanks Mysti!

(Don't you ever stop dancing?! he he!) Wink Big smile

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