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I taken a look at your art and I like it very much. On 18 this month I'll end my exams session and on 22 I'll be going to Chicago for the next 3 months (with work&travel programs for students) and I expect to inprove my english Smile. About this site, I am glad that exist such thing on the internet, I'll keep on visiting from now on and I hope to have no problems with my acconut (because I signed up very hard and I think it has a lot of issues).

I'll see you on Queeky ( my clock is 04:09 am) Smile

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I have been to Chicago, and it is much to busy there for me. It is a very large town and everything is way too expensive. I hope you have a wonderful time there. My daughter lived there for a while. She loved it though. Will you have a computer to use while you are there? The admin has been doing a lot of work to the site recently and that is probably why you have had some problems. It is getting better every day, so I am sure you won't have many problems with your account now. Just a few here and there, but they are not major. We are lucky to have a very smart man for our admin and he stays on top of things here. He's always making the site better for us and listens to our needs as far as a drawing community go. Thanks for the comments on my art, I am addicted to drawing, I belong to as many art sites as I can find and I try to draw at all of them. You had better get some sleep, 4 a.m. is much too late for me. It is only 9 p.m. here and I have a few hours left to draw. Nice meeting you too by the way.

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Draw when you can...

Studying Medicine? Wow you must be very busy. I can't even imagine how much time it must take to learn something like that. I wanted to rate your drawing also, but right now I am having a hard time rating some of the drawings here. I have added you as a friend and I will keep an eye out for you when you are on.

I am very glad you found the site, I can only imagine what nice pictures you will be producing. And by the way your English is great. There is no need for your worry about that. I can only speak english, I am working on learning German and Spanish now with Rosetta Stone so maybe I will work on learning Romanian as well. I have never been able to learn other languages until getting that program for my computer, it seems easier to me now.

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Thank you very much! I just

Thank you very much! I just "re"discovered my pasion, but unfortunatly my time is very limited (I study medicine). I will keep on doing draws on Queeky. (please excuse my english- is so poo'r; I am from Romania )

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Laughing out loud Welcome to Queeky, and if you are talking about using the photo is not cheating. Why do you think it is available? I am looking forward to more of your drawings and have fun here. This is a very fun and friendly site!

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this is my first one...mybe I

this is my first one...mybe I cheted just a litle bit Tongue