“The game on the Scorchy Desert is simple: Runner Souls start in the center, and have to run, crawl and suffer their way out of it, to cleanse their souls. The edges of the Desert are many human lifetimes beyond the horizon. Sadistic Fata Morgana visions tempt the runners, sometimes trapping them for weeks/months/years before vanishing one night, leaving only deep demonic scars as proof of their deception. Fake desert edges, friends, lovers and companions are given and taken away in an instant, in the maddening laughter of the Vision's disappearance. The Runner remains burned and tainted on the Scorchy sands, each time holding more rage, less hope, less sanity, but never dying. The infernal machine depicted is a whole story unto itself, which I've had to remove if I hoped to keep this image off the adult content filter. Just be aware that the insides are very gory and filthy and take a LONG time to get out of :)”
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is longer than the drawing lol. I'll have to read it again to decide if it is a comedy or a drama Tongue

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Oh I assure you this is no

Oh I assure you this is no comedy, at least not for the runner.

Of course it depends on whether you're the victim or the cannibal, the butcher or the chicken, and so on. In that sense it is indeed very enjoyable for at least one side of the table. It's about as much a comedy as a rape + violent murder cocktail, followed by wearing the girl's face on the head while eating her tasty liver.

This would be considered an awesome time for most sociopaths, psychopaths and others of their kind, and could only be improved by the girl being of a fresh teen age, and having her family bound to chairs in the same room watching.

2-3 subsequent sisters would most likely be best, leaving open only one dilemma, namely in what order to sacrifice them.

I hope this brings only the best inspiration for some fascinating art Smile

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a tragi-comedy at best, and mainly for the cannibals. A true story though, mans inhumanity to man is a tale as old as time.

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Oh it is not about Earth and

Oh it is not about Earth and the material plane, it is only one form of afterlife. Runners do not / cannot die, no more than any soul ever can.

No relation between runners and "cannibals" in the machine Smile

Christians spew out talk of "Hell" as if it meant something, but rarely do I see the concept explained even in the slightest detail. Perhaps I should read Dante's Inferno, maybe there might be some clues there. Until then however, I will reveal here some different concepts that reveal themselves to me, through ideas / inspiration.

I do hope I won't get banned on queeky for this sort of thing Smile

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Description :)

Yes indeed, check the extended description for what it is and how it works Smile