Cry Me A River

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i am also drawing my own set of eyes but not like these they are in pairs with a few single ones here and there but no im not ''varieating''from you


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To me

to me it loks completely different for one the eye is green and the styles are like completely different


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Nice job

and Welcome to Queeky. KaelinXLove I have seen eyes of this variety on the internet everywhere. I am sure they did not go through your gallery and chose that eye to imitate of yours. This one is different anyway, it is green. If she/he didn't variate your picture her/him drawing this eye is allowed on Queeky without giving you credit. Everyone on here uses the smudge tool to draw, are you going to say they took your idea? Not trying to be rude but come on. This is a new artist we should be welcoming them not accusing. Wink

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Please Dont Do This.

This Looks Pretty much like the eye i drew.Same technique and Look.Please do not do this.If you want to give me credit aftre you ask me.Thanks you.

(>`o`)>K. C.<(`o`<)