cup of coffee 049

“Work in progress... I was so depressed that my other drawing was lost due to my internet crashing, so now im saving the progress of this picture every 10 minutes.”
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really realistic Smile that happens to me a lot too..the crashing and losing Tired Beer

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Oh i feel for you Hue :c

Oh i feel for you Hue :c &thankyou

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It's great!

It's amazing how sketch lines could be this drawing.

This use many skill and experiences. Great job on this, Flippo! Laughing out loud

Oh!! Sorry about your drawing that was lost. I'm still waiting for that portrait that I've accidentally seen before you unpublished it. Big smile

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Thankyou ha55ha,

i guess it's become kindof a bad habit, starting so many drawings and not finishing them. I promiss i wil finish it sometime. Smile