Cuppy Cake Nails

“a variated drawing”
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Nice job on this one

Nice job on this one Kute...or should i say Cupcake!!

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Thanks to you both!

I love doing my nails, but seems like I never have the time for it anymore. I love doing all of the acrylic stuff and painting them different designs too. It is a little difficult doing my right hand though since I am right handed, it never turns out as good as the left one but still fun. I didn't draw the original hand just added a bit to it and then I did the nails in my own design. It was very fun doing.

Thanks for your comments and rates too.

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My daughter

would love that, Susie! She's into all that nail design stuff these days! Big smile Five stars Five stars Five stars

Do everything with LOVE...

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I.. I just...

Your work is AMAZING!!! I cant believe how realistic these look. Keep it up!!:]