cute boy

“cute boy”
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CUTE SMILE, AND I LIKE HIS HAIR! Five stars , Five stars ..

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Thank you all;D Love Smile

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Man atrodo aš įsimylėjau:D O

Man atrodo aš įsimylėjau:D O jei rimčiau tai lb gražiai nupiešiai kaip visad savam stiliui:] Ir pritariui Nikoday'ui dėl akių! p.s. laukiu naujų tavo piešinių!^-^

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its so cute and pretty! Love Big smile love his eyes;]

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thank you Yugiohgx

Thanks;DDD i'll try, but i don't promise, i'm not good at painting Sad(

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U kidding your amazing

Shock U kidding your amazing Laughing out loud

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thank you

really really thank you;]

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Five stars HE looks like pit off ssbb can u do him, also check out my "Chazz With Rose" pic, its hot in the anime catigory rite underneath the pics u've done, oh and WELCOME Wink

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thank you

thank you;D it's nice to hear;D

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<3 <3 <3