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Muy delicada, muy buena!!

me gusta el detalle de color!! Five stars Five stars

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you have talent

very well done Smile Five stars

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This is so...

This is soo uber brilliant. Very pretty. I wonder what it would look like in color, then again some things look better in black and white. This may be one of those pics. I would love to be able to draw like that.

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Beautiful pose, a wonderful draw. 5 stars

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beautiful!i have a thing for ballet pictures and this one is really nice =] 5 strs

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This is a stunning the little red bow adds a nice touch.....well done!.....five big stars!

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wonderful drawing !

favs and five !!!

Five stars

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this is so nice. i like it. good posture. congrats! Smile Five stars

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It's difficult to draw such a

It's difficult to draw such a position of a body, but you did it very good!