Dans un autre monde

“listenin Celine Dion _ Dans un autre monde”
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Cool!! is your house ?

Five stars Five stars I see the mountains in the distance. faved.

" I want to know,
have you ever seen the rain??? " - Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Is not the place where I live, but for 4 months my home is close to mountains.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Love it

Congrats on being featured artist...you deserve it. This is really cool looking and has so much detail.. I love the rich colors you used...Great job Smile Five stars

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tres jolie!!!


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Wow nice!

I love this, the size and shape of the canvas down to the scene in the picture. Very nice work here and favorites it goes! Congratulations on being the "Featured" artist too! You deserve it.

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Thank you Kutedymples. You're so sweet with all your comments.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Nice view! It looks so cozy here. The weather must be really good. I like how you draw the perspective of the blinds. You draw straight lines so great!

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I see your face on the screen of the computer, too. Hello!!!! XD

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It's a ghost ha55ha. How did you saw it? Tongue You've got a special gift and you don't know about it? Smile

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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That's really cool! It looks like one of those photos where you take three photos and merge them into one long picture. five stars, no less n_n

You smell like muffins ;]