Dark Questions

“Theres a Light Answer in every Dark Question, for E.G Is the world going to end in 2012? the light question to that is, no , only if you think it is,but no, it isnt going to end, some lives may pass by and fade away but the WHOLE world will never die.Just listen to the Dark Questions, do you think they are idiotic, try and find a question and see if you think its Dark, and then read it a couple of timesif you read it a couple of times when its Dark, the chances are the day will be dark tomorrow, for e.g it will be windy, a thunderstorm will come,an earthquake, Hurricane or Tornado will hit somewhere, there will be no Ice in Antartica.The Light Questions though are different, when you read them out you will feel happiness in your heart, for E.G Everywhere you go will be happy and sunny.This all depends on the questions, also make your own question and see how you feel, its up to you how you wanna feel though, not the worlds!!”
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i love it! and i totally agree with what you say!! ^-^

for a dreamer, night's the only time of day

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