Dark Woods Circus

“for details about this drawing go check it out here: http://musikfreak202.deviantart.com/art/Dark-Woods-Circus-It-s-fun-140747845
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Rin and Len

Good Job !

So nicely Portraed !

What I think is the Best part of this picture is Rin and Len

There faces are so Cute ! X3

AND !!! One of My Faverite VOCALOID songs

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glad to hear you like it~! ^^ yea, I liked drawing their faces and stuff the most xD they're my 2nd fave vocaloid <3 C:

IKR! DWC ftw~! Laughing out loud

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dark woods circus

Such alot going on in this draw, great detail's and a great draw. 5 stars

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thank you very much! I appreciate it ^^ glad you like it~

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Outragously Fun

I loved looking your picture. The string (rope) ties it all together. LOL Really grrrreat!

The peace that passes understanding.
Eve Michelini

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thanks ^^