by z22


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Sure is amazing!!

Sure is amazing!! Smile

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I simply love this~

I love the vibrance and earthly colors of it.

And it is amazing how you fit so many other details and object to make this piece magnificent!

I love art in realistness..but I can't do it Digitaly to save my life. Oups

I just like to observe the digital art to learn more about it.

And yours it great. Five stars

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Great work! Impressive!

Great work! Impressive!

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thanks ...

... for trying out Wink

Five stars

Queeky admin

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I can feel such awesome movement from this picture. I tried to comment on it the other day but my computer kept freezing up on me and I lost my comments. Love that you used all of those brushes for the cool effect that you got. Nice work! Love Love Love

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nice fantasy

really free...nice details.the small faces, you know!

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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Five stars


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Do everything with LOVE...

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stunning pose!

i really like this! Five stars Five stars

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