Darling, I wonder...

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I really love it!

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Ooo, words go here too?

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Welcome to queeky!

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Hi Seafoam. welcome to Queeky.

this picture is fantastic, i like this girl. is a very soft draw. Five stars

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If you are getting a lag make sure you are not running any other programs at the same time you are drawing, you might want to try to make your circles slower. All depending on your computer and the amount of ram (memory) could be making a difference also. I don't seem to get any lag at all unless I have something else going on in the background. For example if my virus program is running a scan or something. Then make sure you always clear your cache (temporary internet files) if it is full it will also make a big difference. I hope this helps out, and by the way...Very nice picture! Welcome to Queeky!

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Nice first draw here

Welcome to Queeky and hoping you have as much fun drawing here as I do

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Hi. First draw here at this

Hi. First draw here at this site. Smile

I like it, but I find it a bit difficult to draw the way I am used to because of the blanket opacities and how laggy it seems to be. Example- the background in this drawing are all circles. Circles!

Ooo, words go here too?