Dashy The Dachshund

“For pppman! With Love from me! Thank you for being a good friend.”
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VicMin's picture
I love the look of his eye so much

great job on putting in reflections and showing emotion!

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gift Smile

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oh gosh this is so cute n,n i

oh gosh this is so cute n,n

i totally love your drawings, Kepp the good work!

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Thanks ipuffy

it means a lot to me to know that people do like my artwork. I will always keep drawing, and because of comments like yours and many others it inspires me to do a lot more.

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Very cute!

Love this drawing....very cute....kute....nice touching comment to pppman...big 5!

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Thank you Ernie!

he's always doing kind things for others on this site, so I thought he needed something in return. Only if it is just a drawing from me. I appreciate your kind comments Ernie and get your butt back here and draw for us!

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Thanks Ernie!

Hows things been for you? Ever get your new computer? I really appreciate all of your support on my artwork but miss yours greatly!

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great stuff

cant wait to c it kute i love my english bulls and hav one named tye.thank u .

art is something that has no purpose apart from its self.

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love it

beautiful work, Kutedimples. very realistic. and yes! the eye...definitely grabs one in. i also like the perspective, not drawing the whole puppy maes it more interesting