Davey Jones

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this is fabulous..you did such a great job on this, the texture is great, the colors are great and I love his eyes...very well done. Smile Five stars

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This is fabulous

and as much as I loathe this character I love this work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day!

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Too amazing!

This is amazing! How long did this take you! The colors are amazing! The design is amazing! Everything is amazing! Well done. Bravo~ I will give you 1.............Billion stars!

I came, I saw, I conquered~

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good movie

good work! Five stars

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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i've seen him b4 wats he off

i've seen him b4 wats he off

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omg this is incredible just look at it,so realistic!

Love fills up the spaces in your gaps and so could a beautiful drawing to

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Nice 3d fx. Great job on everything. Laughing out loud

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wow...you really did a great

wow...you really did a great job on this..all those skin's textures. the details...a great portrait of him...amazingly!

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