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aww cute!

haha so adorable!

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Very cute!

Where have you been? I haven't seen you online in a while. This picture is really cute, I love the colors and the style. I almost would have missed this if I wouldn't have seen you online just now.

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Daxter, son muy buenos los juegos de este duo!!

Muy bueno Ariadna!!

Cinco estrellas y muy linda tu galeria.

Five stars

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...wonderful drawing!...


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i luv him ^^


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Very well drawn.

Niceee, I 'rike' eet.

Imagine, it can make a difference.

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Very cute!

I like it! Five stars


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A great character, a good draw. Smile 5 stars

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lol I remember that game!

Well, I didn't have it, but i remember it!

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drawing! It will be nice to add something on the background. Smile

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