Day on the beach

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You are sooo talented!

I REALLY love this picture! Laughing out loud

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one of my all time favs!

one of my all time favs!

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In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

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wow nice work

wow nice work

ween23 =^..^=

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this is a beautiful draw...

this is a beautiful draw... so classic

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storms comin' it seems

lovely scene Smile


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...o beatiful summer day! far...


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a gift for the eyes....

I love the calm serenity, yet the playfulness of the ocean breeze, with the approaching storm.

beautiful work... inspirational. truly.

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Day on the beach

Great painting! I love this one. It seems to bring in a fresh breeze from the ocean. It also reminds me of the American artist Edward Hopper.

Thanks for sharing. Five stars


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Is that rain in the distance?

This has to be one of my favorites on queeky, this reminds me of the east coast of good ol' england , where you'd get gulls, cool wind, bright sunshine and rain all in the same moment Smile