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2 Variations

2 Variations


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The Endless

I love that comic. My fav one is Delirium. Death looks so cool in this drawing!

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Thank you very much . I like

Thank you very much Smile. I like Sandman too, actually I like almost anything that Gaiman creates. I was thinking about drawing delirium, as delight though, but I didn't. But I can see that you have drew her. Nice drawing by the way.

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Oh..she's pretty!

Sorry I have been slacking a lot on my commenting. I have been super busy with family and since they will all be returning to thier own homes shortly I will try to get back into the swing of things. This is really nice, and thank you so much for your comments on my drawings.

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good job!

Five stars

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awesome drawing!!!!!!!!! 5 stars!!!!!!! That dress is really cool!!!!

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. ~Pablo Picasso

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coolio! I live the dress

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death of the endless

Absolutely a brilliant draw Kanellos! 5 stars