“This is Dedicated to ha55ha”
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It's done! Thank you very much kutedymples. I just looked at the text and I was! It's really glow. And to draw a rigid thing such as this text must have taken my ages. But you drew it like it had an auto-snap function or something.

And I like the focus on the Owl face. The light on it's eyes is so powerful. The feathers look so soft. <3 <3

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I am glad you like it...

the text: the inside was made with the variation fill tool and the outside frame of the text was the curve line tool. That is the only way I can get non-jagged looking lines. I liked the owl before it was finished, I added a dark gray to it and not the color looks muddy. I never know when to stop. But I was hoping you would like it after I seen the concert you were going to and the album cover for deftones was so beautiful I couldn't resist.

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Exceptionally beautiful portrait

of an exceptionally beautiful owl. The text is so perfect - that alone must have taken you ages to get just so.

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Thanks Wungu!

The text was easier than the owl I must say. Like I said with the owl...I went overboard and the results are not pleasing to me. I can see a point in the playback when I should have stopped now. Too late. Thanks for your comments though they are always appreciated.

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The way you draw the eyes and also around them is well done. The chosen blue makes it special.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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The eyes...

were something I loved on the reference photo that attracted me along with the beautiful blues in the feathers. Thanks selinadie!

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The Owl

Color snowy owl feathers

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Thanks tamimapple...

I really like your food drawings lately they have made me look up an asian cook on youtube and subscribe. Thank you for the view into your culture and food. Thanks also for your drawings and comments!

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reminds me of a deftones album cover and the detail is a amazing

So.... whats to your left?


On my right however, is a plate of warm, freshly baked cookies.
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that is exactly what it is, I am going to add the Deftones label and present it to ha55ha when it is complete because I know she likes them. I was researching their music when I found the reference photo for this. Thanks everyone for your comments!