“This is Dedicated to ha55ha”
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Oh Mai

I can't belive how well detailed this is. My Bestie's cousins live like somewere in the mountians and I went with then to visit and theyy had little babby owls like everywere. It was so cute so, when i saw this in the "Hot Today" catagory I had to click it . Five stars Big smile

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i love owls they are soo intense and u totally captured that. U NEED AN AWARD FOR THIS Five stars

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totally wraps my

heart. those eyes. beautiful drawing.


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WOW! So pretty! The writing is so fantastic! Love how the feathers

look so soft and fluffy!

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Oh my,

WHOA this looks like REAL! and i remember owl city in this art. xD Great job! :DDD

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so many comments! No wonder. It's an absolutely great drawing! I always have to think of "Hedwig" (Harry Potter's owl) when I see it. The plumage is beautiful and the eyes... they look like black barbles. And the letters..amazing!

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the owl is totally beautiful and the letters are so pretty and realistic like if it were on a...eeerr...fancy sign Laughing out loud

i like doom...doom is good x3

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Wow great draw!

I wonder when something is going to be dedicated to me....hehe well, that will never happen....sorry guys im always down on my self, it's partly what im famous for at school....Great draw! Five stars Faved

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