“My Variation colored.”
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1 Variation

1 Variation


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My goodness Deidara! You look

My goodness Deidara! You look hot! I mean you look.. nice. lol Big smile

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this is amazing!! =D i love it! now on my favs ^^ i love the color contrast! keep up the great work!

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Deidara XD

OMG, that looks great ^^ You can see his character :3 that's Deidara like he is Laughing out loud

God's busy, may I help you ;D

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^^ nice guy

like his smile and his clothes and....everything! Five stars

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Wow....very nice!!

What a great idea. Yours is so nice. You have a great style, nice bold colors and smooth flowing lines.

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Thank you very much! :3

Thank you very much! :3

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omfg you did such a good job re-doing this picky! I love deidara he's so sexy XD *rolls around and adds to faves*

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I found it more fun to do an

I found it more fun to do an outline and make it a variation before I color it. That way others can color it and I get the pleasure of seeing more variety of styles on my drawing! :3 Glad you like it.

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