demondiary, demonlord raenef

“one of the characters fron demondiary (its a manga)”
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wow, yes the detail is

amazing! it really shows you

put alot of effort into it.

This is very unique, - anime .

i love alot of anime , keep it

up !! ^.^

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demondiary, demonlord raenef

Nice work, the detailing is amazing...10!

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demondiary, demonlord raenef**********10*********

well worth the time you put into it!.. Great draw! Smile

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this took ages!!!!

it may not look like it took forever but this picter took me about 3 days to do the rough scetch and only a day to go over it and colour it =4 days working on one stupid picture T_T and trust me i don't think it was woeth it i can't do the background which totaly sucks siriously > ( but please coment xxx