Dick van dyke

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This is soooo scary!!!! I made him look really bad. I cant draw old people i gess. I should have left him faceless......

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its funny because its dick van dike

hes such a dude and you drew him perfect

thats awsome

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I think its intresting that this pic is in the catogory of humor and satar because its funny because of how ugly this pic is.

ok the real rezon I put this picture in hear is because one I was board and two Dick Van Dyke is a hlarus dude. I am a huge van of the dick van dyke show and diagonsis murder....... lol remiber chitty chitty bang bang?

we have the old moive Smile its awsome!

I have a qustain for a smart person

what is satar mean any ways?

I'm sure I spelled that wrong along with most of the words in this comment

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I know it is ugly right now, but when I get some time and when I feal like it I will finish him and give him a face. intell then I I'm in the lead with one vote and it is my own vote. Tongue

oh by the way has any budy on this thing ever herd of Dick Van Dyke?