dickens walks the dog

“Dickens walks his dog on Halloween, unaware hes being followed!! :) For Raindrops”
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lovely draw Liz!10

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ghost town

lovely draw! spring i like your imaginative style. oh and your silhouette. it's your trademark. 10!

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love this halloween drawing!!! beautiful!!! Innocent

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dickens walks

wonderful draw! 10*

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Lovely scenerie! I like the old witch, the curious cat , a little scared from the dog, very, very fairy!

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dickens walks

ha,ha, soooo wonderful, love the details,and the witch,10

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Is that Harry Porter witch?


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Dickins walks the dog

Super Hallowen draw like the ghosts Martyn

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little dickins

Thank you so much! Who are the ghosts? I have had some in my house, or so all the kids tell me. I see kutie the butterfly, and summer in the flowers and I'll be the old gal on the broom!

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Oh I like this picture!! GREAT