“Its been a while eh? Also... Whew, its finally done. I rushed it a bit towards the end and Im still on the fence about whether she looks better with eyelashes or without, but its finished! (Until I feel the need to retouch it) I have a couple drawings that just need some polishing up before I post them so Ill have more stuff coming, hopefully soon.”
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Briliant and daring association of a porcelain feeling with vivid colors that make her look pop to the viewer.

Not to mention the expression of the mouth...

Really great.

(^..^ )~

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Sweet Face

Really good job on the eyes, so bright and shiny.

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Lovely draw.Those lights in

Lovely draw.Those lights in her eyes look so special Smile


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agree with Viridian

Very nice draw!

You get better each drawing Smile Glasses

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Thank you so much!

It makes me happy to think I'm improving. Slowly but surely I'm discovering completely different ways of using this awesome site and program you've created. I'll do my best to make my drawings better and better in the future. Your comment means a lot, thank you!

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Waht a clarity and shining in

Waht a clarity and shining in her eyes, a lovely sweet expression, a very, very good portrait! I am totally enthusiastic...

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Thank you Poinesteana

I'm glad you liked it! I tried a new technique for doing the eyes: use the airbrush tool to build up the colours, starting from dark to light (using smaller diameters as you go lighter) and then using the top left corner brush tool to do the reflections, and finally using the pencil tool on a high opacity to add the white and blue colour.

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Great portrait

Very nice !

"Inspiration is highly overated, if you sit around and wait for the clouds to part, it's not liable to ever happen. More often than not, work is salvation" Chuck Close

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Thank you very much Viridian!

Thank you very much Viridian! Your comments always mean a lot to me