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Just My Opinion

I think that's an unfair judgement of the person who rated it less than five. They probably see potential but don't like a certain aspect of the drawing, so--because they like the drawing or maybe even just the artist, they rate it okay this time, maybe later, they will rate higher.

I personally liked the drawing, particularly well made with a neat idea behind it. I rated 5/5. But on some other drawings, I rate lower. Because that is what I think they deserve. I don't want to lie about my opinion. I rate honestly or not at all.

I think that the way you view others actions, can say alot about the way you think yourself. I think it's funny that you noticed one person voting lower.

But then, I think your comment was meant as a misguided compliment to the artist. But try not to offend others while you are at it. IMO.

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Scarily real ...

... really nice textures for this macabre subject

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Edith Wharton

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GREAT SCARY DRAWING! SO REALISTIC! Five stars Shock Laughing out loud

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What would it take to wake this guy up?

Very cool pic. Very nice shading. The bubbles are so detailed.

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A great take on Drago!!

Have a wonderful day!

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Very cool!

Fantastic drawing! Very original and extremely well done! It has to go to my favorites, it is very good.