Down those dirty streets again

“Just a regular scene from neighbourhood”
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It is a good title and you are going to keep getting better.

Have a wonderful day!

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Thak you Kutedimples. Queeky

Thak you Kutedimples. Queeky is difficult for me right now, I must confess, I lack the necessary steady hand for this. It's a nice site however and I enjoy looking at other artists' galleries. Smile


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You are very welcome...

you are doing great. Don't worry about it. It will come. My first pictures were so squiggly and wiggly couldn't draw a straight line to save my soul. Your artwork looks impressionist to me and I really like it. Great colors and interesting to look at. Just keep playing around and you will hit your stride in no time. Enjoy the site it is one awesome place for artists and people that love art.