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2 Variations

2 Variations


katbanks986's picture
cool i know who he is,,, hes

cool i know who he is,,, hes that bounty hunter, stranger i think,, from a OddWorld game!

ph's picture

seen late, Five stars stars!

ezd's picture
This is

an awesome work my friend!!! Love the colors! Great atmosphere too! 5 stars

spring's picture

Fantastic draw Ernie...great character, great colours and amazing details... Five stars

marilens's picture

Another outstanding work of art, I really love this character but mostly I love your style. This is so detailed and such great colors. Very well done ernie... Smile Five stars

ernieplucknett's picture
Besame macho!

Someone kissed his boots before he came out....he he!

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Awesome drawing

Awesome drawing, Ernie! He seems to have good hygiene for a villain. Five stars


pppman's picture

very cool... my friend!

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

rastafa's picture

Beautiful drawing, i like the details and colors. Five stars

Have a nice day.

kutedymples's picture

Look at this character! The hat, boots, suit are all very cool. Thos Hands! Oh My...I would hate to make this guy mad. I really love the shading, and those cool purples and golds you did this in. All in all Ernie, Awesome!