Dream Mountains

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Wow, just WOW

My god your amazing, I adore your beautiful work. Thank you for sharing such a creation with us.


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beautiful! i wish i could be

beautiful! i wish i could be in that very place to draw it Wink

You make me a saaaaaad panda.
-Sexual harassment *Music note* Panda!

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Really Good

I think it's beautiful. So calming to look at.

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Great Texture!!

Gives a feeling of oil painting. I guess that you have drawn the original version in a canvas. I think your drawings straight from imagination , like this one score much higher Smile

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Kute, a wonderful landscape,

Kute, a wonderful landscape, I can feel the air, the light wind, a lovely, lovely picture!

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Rolling hills

At a first glance on the very little picture with the latest comments I was captured- I could have guessed it was you who painted this wonderful landscape, reminds a bit on japanese drawings in its simplicity and perfect balance...


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landscape,,,wonderful colours 5


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Thank you!

I was very surprised to come online today to see so many comments on this. When it comes to landsapes when I first joined Queeky I couldn't do one to save my soul. Cathy, watching playbacks is the best possible thing you can do if you want to learn here. Without that function I would still not be able to do a landscape. Still I am a little insecure when it comes to doing landscapes and I have to thank you all so much for the wonderful comments. It just gives me more confidence to reach out and try more of them. Thanks again! Oh almost forgot, I am doing this on vellum board with oil pastels as well but so far I like the one online better. LOL

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beautiful! the colors are

beautiful! the colors are gorgeous, and the scene is breathtaking! just want to dive in those cool waters, and roll down the green hills!

The wonder of art still haunts me, like a ghost I don't want to give up.

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beautiful reflection

...want to swim across the lake. Drunk Drunk Five stars

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