Duck, Duck, Goose

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Incredible absolutely incredible so much talent, thanks for sharing this piece Smile


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Five stars Great color!

Have a wonderful day!

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:) :) :)

This is amazing!! I showed this to my mom and she thought it was a photo....haha xD REALLY GOOD! reminds me of my pet geese I had when I was little...hehe Smile have a question...u take requests? -gives the biggest puppy eyes in history-


♥Aimo, aimo Ne-deru ru-she Noins miria Enderu purodea Fotomi Koko wa attacka na umi dayo♥

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Your attention to detail is amazing, beautifuly done. 5\5

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Thank you...

I am glad you like this one. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate each and every one I get.

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u r genious.i fell in love

u r genious.i fell in love with this duck.

atri chatterjee

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Thank you atri...

If you notice that a lot of my pictures are very upclose. I love the details of things. Even if it is something so simple as a feather. Thank you for your nice comments about this drawing. I really enjoyed doing this one. I am pretty happy with the end results. It is rare that I don't go back in and edit a drawing after I submit it the first time but with this one I don't feel that it is required. Thanks again!

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Very nice!! Laughing out loud Definitly deseves a five star!! Five stars

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Kute, you impress me strong

Kute, you impress me strong with this fantastic painting! Wow, what a work! BRAVO!

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good fur !

good fur !