Dumplings, Chilli and Tea

“Was looking for something to cook for dinner in a recipe book when I saw dumplings! I liked the picture and thought I'd draw a queeky. And nope, I didn't cook dumplings...too complicated. I made baked pasta instead. :)”
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Thanks kute!

Expertly done?...mmm, could be better...was in the mood for just a fast draw at the time. Big smile

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I love dumpling.

Very cool style. Love the texture on them. That yellow tone really makes the food looks yummy. Laughing out loud

Dim-sum is one of my favorite dish. You don't cook but you draw it instead. By watching this, I wish I was full without eating food. Big smile (Hungry instead.)

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Thanks ha55ha!

Wouldn't that be cool?! Just draw the food you wanna eat and then it becomes real!! nom nom nom nom...Yum! Big smile Innocent Wink

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This is just amazing. It's

This is just amazing. It's funny that you say making the biscuits was too complicated. Actually, to me, both making the biscuits and doing this drawing are very complicated. Thank you for doing this.

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Thanks Madison67

Big smile Love

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chiles are awsome

''Carpe Diem'' (seize the moment)

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Thanks Wolf

Yup, spice of life! Big smile

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chile with tea! XD tea xxx

chile with tea! Oups XD tea xxx must be very strong Tongue kidding...my dinner is cereal, I like to cook, but rarely do I more ... "profecional" Big smile I hope you will cook these meatballs later. Wink

feliz a quien la muerte ciñe las cienes con sangrientos lauros en medio del esplandor de la victoria...

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Thanks cun

Wouldn't really eat chilli with tea...but I do eat cut fresh chilli with fish sauce to accompany other dishes...drawing dumplings is as far as I go...hehe! You must be a good cook if you LIKE to cook! Wink

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