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“Well... I hadnt been here since 2011,and I didnt use the mouse to paint since then,but here I am! I loved this community and is a pleasure coming back and seeing new and old users.This place has improved a lot since then but i love it!”
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1 Variation


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peint it down. i like

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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Hello and welcome back, a

Hello and welcome back, a good portrait!

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welcome back

I really hoped that some of our long term users will come back when the site has been modernized, it's great to see that it becomes real.

Hope you enjoy the new stuff, there have been a lot of changes/improvements to the site and the tools since then ...

EDIT: I have seen on your profile that you are from Spain, probably you like the recently added spanish version of QueekyPaint. You can switch the language to spanish in QueekyPaint using "Help -> Languages -> Español"

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Thank you for the welcome

Thank you for the welcome Smile I'm liking a lot the new tools and the new interface. It's a great improvement!