Eagle Eye

“Movie Poster”
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eagle eye movie poster

amazing work. very good draw !10

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from 1 to 10 this is 27

sugar gives me brainfreeze

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eagle eye movie poster

Very goood draw! 10

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eagle eye

amazing draw,skin tone looks great and the hair.10

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movie poster

this is an amazing work. very good draw and great detail. esp, their hair and faces. i read in a movie mag they said that it has a similar plot like saw and phone booth but more devastating.

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How u can do that...


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eagle eye movie poster

wow! this is great kute! so much fine detail, a great draw! *10*

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so intricate...

this is extremely well done, the blending is amazing, there is so much attention to detail and the resemblance is uncanny. please make more! ...10

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Spelled that wrong but whatever. Oh, and the hair is awesome.

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Yeah, it's hard to draw people, none the less make it look like someone in paticular, but great job.