Ed Elric

“Oh Ed! If only you were real!”
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Wow great technique! and

Glasses Wow great technique! and great Pic! its the background on meh laptop XD

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That is truley amazing!!!

That is truley amazing!!!

nIcOLe WiLlIaMs

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Love it <3


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this is awesome! ed is

this is awesome!

ed is awesome!

everything here is awesome!!

I live for Manga.

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anime - nicely done

Have a wonderful day!

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Shock WOW, your drawing is sooooooo nice Smile

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vewy awesome! i love Ed!! this is amazing!! xD i love your pictures!!! TTwTT *glomples*

for a dreamer, night's the only time of day

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I totally agree! This is awesome!

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Haha, this is awesome~!

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Super Awesome!!!

Five stars Big smile Fullmetal Alchemist is my all time favorite anime show to watch and read, I read almost every single manga, and watched every single episode, from the first fullmetal alchemist to the last, your drawing of edward is so awesome!! Love

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