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“Learn for (How to Draw Edge of Darkness) This is my enternal imagination thats always in my mind.. in the miracle, this is a magic tree from the darkness but this tree have become the light.. Is this a world? this is crystal? or my own dream.. I fall down in the edge of darkness... Can i escape from my own dream? Im searching, and searching, and searching... then im searching. The key is color your world, then let the dream free...”
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1 Variation

1 Variation


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I can figure it out.. It's seems like a broccoli.This is my originally made:

Please watch if you want. http://www.sketchheroes.com/Tie_Chee_Weng/how_to_draw/how-to-draw-edge-o...

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Beautiful !

Beautiful ! Laughing out loud Five stars Five stars

"Life imitates art far more than art imitates life " O.Wilde

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I LIKE IT!!!! Big smile Five stars

feliz a quien la muerte ciñe las cienes con sangrientos lauros en medio del esplandor de la victoria...