Edward Scissorhands

“made a few changes,and clicked "Don't change position in Gallery"....sorry don't understand why it's here with new ones”
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Awesome! I love it!! glad it

Awesome! I love it!! glad it went to new ones so I was able to see it Smile

Just do your best.

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oh I've seen this movie it's

oh I've seen this movie it's good Smile

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its really good drawing.. Five stars

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Wow, fantastic draw. Super details and color..FAVS. If you save it as a copy once you edit it it will save it all over again in the beginning but it will also stay in the original place it was saved. It happened to me and I am sure I will do it again lol. Keep you the great work. Smile Five stars

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Edward Scissorhands... Such an awesome movie!! Laughing out loud Gotta love Tim Burton's imagination!

~The Dibster~

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Looks even better...

I know it has happened to me lately too. Don't worry about it, I always love to see your work.

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NICE work! One of my fav actors and movie!

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if my frend sees this she will freak coz were both in luv wiv that film lol <3

The Anime geek Tongue

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Damn awesome job here!

That's a very detailed portrait, nice use of... basically everything! nice work! 5\5

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What is this movie about?

What is this movie about?