“color work”
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I like your changes...

I see you are still working on this...nice! I think it is going to be great when you get it done. I will keep checking back.

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thank you i really appreciate

thank you i really appreciate any and all criticism (other wise how will we know what to work on) and i love all of your portraits i hope one day to be able to make my art look as real as yours looks Big smile

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Thank you

I am sure you will be able to do what you want with your art. All you have to do is keep at it. I have never stopped practicing since I was a child. Many years of practice. I feel each picture I do is practice for my next. I will only give criticism if it is ask for. That is part of the way I learned to get where I am today with my artwork. I used to belong to a site that was all about constructive criticism and it really does help as you say. Welcome and glad to meet you!

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Cool picture...

this is nice. I have been wanting to do some sea stuff myself. Maybe you have just inspired me to do so. Welcome again!