Egyptian Goddess

“Egyptian Goddess with Black Panther”
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i like it 5\5

beautiful Five stars

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She's so beautiful and well done! Again, I love the crisp style you have on your draws.

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a wonderful job! Fantastic colors and details (the folds...) So well done! FIVE

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I love her


Beautiful draw

Great job Marilens

Five stars

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draw 5 Smile

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Egyptian Goddess

WoW! What a beautiful Egyptian Godddess! Another great masterpiece from you..amazing details..the folds, patterns and textures of the materials are super done, as are the Hieroglyph's the light and shade, just everthything here is Fantastic... Wonderful Art Marilyn. Five stars

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sexy Big smile lol

I like the way you choose the colors

your choices are always wise Marilyn

and keep on the good work

keeeeeppppp oooonnnnnn

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wowwwwwwww....this is magical

Five stars Five stars Five stars wowwwwwwww....this is magical i like it.. alott .. great work ..

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I love Egypt... beautiful

I love Egypt... Love beautiful draw Five stars and Five stars and Five stars Love Love Love

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so many details. i love details.

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