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by KO


“Just in the mood to doodle some nakedness, No reference, no tracing.”
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Raz's picture

saucy! Five stars

open your eyes...
i see.
your eyes are open.

dervish's picture

hot - and red.

I think I've to take a cold shower ...

Five stars


KO's picture
Thats the

Thats the Best Compliment, I think this pictures gotten ;P

Thank you, Dervish.


rebelsmileygirl's picture
Well done

Nice work good usage of positioning not the same thing.

Rebbecca Cormier

KO's picture

I'm not sure what you mean, but I guess, Thank you Smile


Choccy's picture
this is awsome

i love nom nom :F

The Anime geek Tongue

KO's picture

Some would take that very perversely ;P

but no really, Thank you Choccy.


Giselle's picture
Nice Nude!

You have a remarkable talent for drawing the human form. Keep up the great work. Five stars

KO's picture
Thank you

Giselle, coming from you, that means a lot XD


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