emerald mountains

“Zecron looking a landscape of Emerald Mountains”
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emerald mountains... my birth stone!

love it! 4 stars!

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jelouu vic!!

ameeeising!!is very very wapo!!!

un bsitouu!!

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Very impressive, amazing colours!

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Very beautiful...

The colors are amazing and it really looks like Emerald (the colors) and it is such a beautiful landscape. I am looking forward to seeing lots more of your art.

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emerald mountains

great draw!

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impressionant ^O^

Muuy currado Victor!

Y sea usted bienvenido a Queeky!!

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Muy interesante...

Me gustan los tonos de verde..Laughing out loud...muy bien hecho:D

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ohh..it's soo cute;)..

Que bien te ha salido...Pero da miedoo..ehh..jejee