emo girl

“I believe I am finished, the background looks better to me white because of all of the stuff going on with her clothing and jewelry ”
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is that misa?

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it is

it is

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I try draw on my notebook! That is soo amazing! I Loved!

.. the bags plastic will dominate the wooorld \õ/ HAHAHA

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hello Susie!

incredible! ten!

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emo girl

kute, this is true quality draw. you're an amazing artist. i wish i could give you more than 10.

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really good 10

could be a tekken 6 charakter

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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loves this :)

Very wonderful, were you inspired by Misa from Death Note by any chance ^^?

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Emo GIrl

Wonderful draw!! It looks so real. *10*

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emo girl

Wow, this is absolutely fantastic, what a brilliant draw Kute! Amazing detail, a quality draw! ***10***

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92% ink left

I have a lot of ink left, I had some problems saving it after doing a lot of details, I lost them twice and had to redo after I made her stockings and the apple. I finally got it to save that is why I published it now before I actually got done with all of the detailing I wanted to add and the background. I have no problem conserving ink, just saving sometimes. It hangs (says saving but never leaves that screen).

Thank you everyone for your comments on this, I have wanted to do her for a while.