emo girl

“I believe I am finished, the background looks better to me white because of all of the stuff going on with her clothing and jewelry ”
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very cool how less ink you had to use to reach this quality Smile

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Very good, I love it. Smile

I will live forever or die trying.

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This is very well done. Also, isn't this Misa Amane from the Death Note series?? Laughing out loud Really cool and nice!!

I love it~ <3

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Very nice.

Misa Smile

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oh oh oh! Its misa misa! If you've seen my near picky, well, their from the same source :3 I love it, she looks so realistic Laughing out loud

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i <3 it

it look really awesome

you are really good

do you have a deviantart acont??????

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Why do I hear nah-nah-nihah-nah whan I look at this?

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I despise emo kids but omg

I despise emo kids but omg this is epic!!!! Laughing out loud How do you draw people so well!? XD

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To funny...

and thanks! Now that you mention it that tune will be stuck in my brain all day long. NAH-NAH-NIHAH-NAH! TO YOU TOO! Crazy

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amazing 10

wow, jz is right, one of your best.

its awesome to see how your draws get better and better!

this quality is definately amazing!