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What an impressive draw,

What an impressive draw, marilyn! Deep emotions, a fantastic feeling of emptyness, loneliness, such empty eyes , no perspective, no hope, very sad draw! Marilyn is everything OK with you? I hope, yes!

I wish you a very rich, generous year for you and your family, a year with much happiness and joy, with inspiration and many, many drawings and paintings! Keep smiling, Marilyn!

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are you ok? Smile

great photorealism Smile

keep it going..

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I'm fine hakan

Thank you for asking but why do you ask? Thank you also for all of your sweet comments hakan and thank you also everyone else. I appreciate you all. Smile

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cause he is kind, you are kind.

one of these kind persons misses another kind person lol

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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bravoo bravoo

bravoo bravoo Smile

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~~~....wow...AWESOME WORK, MARILENS!!!!....~~~

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What a great skill

Absolutely Beautiful

5 *****

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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Yay! another brilliant draw....you really are becoming a talent....well done 5 big ones for you!

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Wow! This certainly is Incredible! You have captured so much emotion here...loneliness sadness fear and more.... It's a wonderful outstanding piece of art. Beautiful work Marilyn. Five stars

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Beautiful painting! LOVE IT! It's a Rembrandt! Five stars